Prodota Gaming has hired an American football coach

The European eSports organization claimed about hiring a physical training coach. Taylor «Architect» Johnson has become this coach, who is a member of San Francisco 49ers in the national football league.

The coach was hired to take responsibility for the condition of players. Probably lots of injuries of players and accidents with a bad condition as fer and s1mple had at the IEM Katowice helped the management of the organization to make a decision to sign the coach, who would he look after the health condition of players.

Besides the coach, who is responsible for the physical training, the management has hired an analyst, who will evaluate a physical form of the team’s members and, also, will develop individual schemes for its development.

Taylor Johnson has a great experience in this sphere — 10 years. It is worth considering that he was working on the physical training of the professional players, who were the members of the biggest football and baseball leagues — NFL и MLB. Taylor has worked in the team San Francisco 49ers for two seasons.

The managers informed on the official Prodota Gaming website that improvements, which were made, would help the team to reach the improvement of results and, also, to increase the success of participations and to get to The Kiev Major 2017.