PieLieDie joined Team NP

The representatives of the organization Team NP has informed about the Dota 2 roster to be fully completed to upcoming tournaments and qualifications. Johan «pieliedie» Åström and Adrian «FATA-» Trinks joined the team instead of Theeban «1437» Siva and Avery «SVG» Silverman, who had left the team in April. It is worth noticing that Kurtis «Aui_2000» Ling will have to play as a support due to the new players.

Johan «pieliedie» Åström has left Team Secret today and Adrian «FATA-» Trinks has previously been in the ranks of B)ears. Adrian has not been able to help the team to achieve any success and the victories at Nanyang Dota 2 Championships, The Shanghai Major 2016 and the second place at The Frankfurt Major 2015 can be separated among achievements of Johan in Team Secret.

The renewed team will soon start the intense preparation to a new season and the roster will play its first official matches at the qualification to EPICENTER 2 and The Summit 7.

Jacky «EternaLEnVy» Mao
Kurtis «Aui_2000» Ling
Arif «MSS» Anwar
Adrian «FATA-» Trinks
Johan «pieliedie» Åström