pieliedie: I would like that the team to knocked up from group stages

Group stage qualifications were kinda easy for you. What the reason? Maybe good bootcamp?
It wasn't that easy actually. It turns easier that we thought. We came together with good strategies. Opponents give us an opportunity to pick any hero for MidOne, like Invoker, Ember Spirit. The surprise was Alliance. They were not that bad. They were pretty good. I couldn't say that was easy for us.

Did you expect the 1st place on qualifications?
I don't expect anything. I expected top2, that kinda deal. I wanted to win and I thought that we can do it.

What was the most difficult opponent for who quals?
In the play-off, we first play versus NiP then twice versus Alliance. Yeah, Alliance were definitely the hardest for sure.

About preparation for Kiev Major. Did you have bootcamp?
Yea, we bootcamp in Germany in Nvidia office. It was only a week.

You didn't have official games for a month maybe a little more. Why?
I don`t think that we have what to play. We could play on Dota 2 Asia Championship 2017, but we didn't qualified for it. So that was nothing to play and we couldn't play.

Let`s more to the group stage of the Major. You went 6:0. Not everyone considered you as favorites.
Just picks what we were discussing and what we want to do. Everything worked as we planned. Also, like Swiss format works: first you get a kind of ladder, you get to play decent team first, then we got better and after that, we got IG what is one of the best team at the moment.

But you beat them 2:0.
Yea exactly. Swiss format helps with that, we get warm up matches. Like you said we haven't played an official match.

The first match versus VG.J was easy for you?
It was harder that looks like. Everything it's kinda close. The only easy game we had it was game one versus IG and game two versus DC. There were pretty easy games. The rest of we can definitely lose them.

What do you think about the format for the major? Is it good?
It`s okay. I would like that the team to knocked up from group stages and I don't care about Double or Single Elimination bracket, but only more advanced for a group stage and people get knocked out and no bo1 in the play-off. If all this is combined then everything will be perfect

For group stage bo3 is okay? Like you can start at 9 a.m. and finish at 11 p.m.
Something like that EG had. Maybe can be one more day added.

What did you expect from the SG e-sports?
I have no idea. I`m expecting some Slarks, Templar Assassin and hopefully, we can figure save strategy to the first game, so we can win that.

Your bracket is more difficult that the upper one. Can you beat all and go to the final?
Yeah, definitely. We will see after Thunderbirds plays Evil Geniuses, how strong they look, but expect all those matches will be fifty-fifty.

Any predictions who will win at Kiev Major?
I guess in final will meet Secret or OG versus VP or IG.