Pablo became the newcomer of The Alliance

The Alliance has informed on the official website of the Swedish organization that they had found a replacement for the former team’s player Jerry «EGM» Lundkvist - Axel «Pablo» Källman will play for the eSports club till the next transfer window.

The comment of the team’s captain Jonathan «Loda» Berg:

«I feel very happy to invite PABLO into the team, he is a young, hungry player that all of us have been able to play with outside of competitive dota, and is a familiar practice partner from when he was a part of Horde».

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Axel «Pablo» Källman has previously played for the team Horde, together with which he could qualify to WESG 2016 and win ProDotA Cup Europe #15, however, he has been inactive since March this year. It is worth to notice that Axel «Pablo» Källman has been listed as a stand-in in the Alliance for a long time and substituted players from time to time.

The renewed roster of The Alliance:

Jonathan «Loda» Berg
Simon «Handsken» Haag
Linus «Limmp» Blomdin
Jonas «jonassomfan» Lindholm
Axel «Pablo» Källman