Our tips for the second day of the playoff of Epicenter XL

The first day of the playoff ended up a bit unexpectedly. FlyToMoon defeated their opponents very quickly and finished the game within 20 minutes. Mineski picked the characters in a better way so because of that Team Secret could do nothing to them. Team Liquid won 2-0 over their opponents easily. To everybody’s surprise, PSG.LGD got the win over one of the favourites of the tournament that is the team Virtus Pro.

The match of the lower bracket between OG Dota 2 and FlyToMoon, the coefficients of bookmakers for this match starting from 1.6 for OG Dota 2  and 2.2 for FlyToMoon.

OG Dota 2 didn’t manage to show anything special at the match against Team Liquid, nobody expected that they would win so the results were not surprising.

The overall impression of OG Dota 2 from the author: The team were lucky to get to the lower bracket and to have a chance to play with FlyToMoon, as this is the only opponent who could let them win.

FlyToMoon defeated paIN gaming within 20 minutes, which was a little surprise for everybody.

The overall impression of FlyToMoon from the author: The team are getting better with each game they have even though initially I didn’t think that they will be able to get further.  

The teams were lucky to play against each other as they are equal. At this match, everything will depend on the pick. It’s difficult to get to know who is to win the match as it is BO1, but I’ll make a choice that it will be FlyToMoon as I like their play style more.

The match of the lower bracket between Virtus Pro and Mineski, the coefficients of bookmakers for this match starting with 1.4 for Virtus Pro and 2.7 for Mineski.

Yesterday Virtus Pro couldn’t cope with PSG.LGD, the teams looked weak. If they continue playing in this way, the kings of BO1 matches Mineski will defeat them with no difficulty.

The overall impression of Virtus Pro from the author: I don’t like Virtus Pro at the tournament at all, not very good playing in their weak group and the defeat at the match of the upper bracket. The need to prepare for the match a lot to get further.

Mineski are getting their shape and I think that the chance to stop them is pretty small.

The overall impression of Mineski from the author: The team start to show the game they had at the last major. We’ll take a look of how they’ll cope with one of the favourites of the tournament that is the team Virtus Pro.

It is an equal match, play styles of the teams are approximately the same, so it’s difficult to define who is the favourite of this match. Probably, the team Virtus Pro will get the help from the home audience but Virtus Pro’s game at the last matches shows us that they are not likely to win. BO1 lets each team win, but I’ll say that my favourite is Mineski, as the team play pretty well during the tournament.

The match of the upper bracket between Team Liquid and PSG.LGD, the coefficients of bookmakers starting from 1.5 for Team Liquid and 2.5 for PSG.LGD.

No team can stop Team Liquid at this tournament. I think the same is going to happen further.

The overall impression of Team Liquid from the author: The best game of the team in recent times, this shape was kept from last The International. The team is getting to their second title at Epicenter.

Unexpectedly, PSG.LGD defeated Virtus Pro, the team are likely to surprise us for many times.

The overall impression of PSG.LGD from the author: Nor we can say for sure that the team with such games are to finish Top 2 minimum at this tournament. I do like their aggressive play style that is a true rarity for the Chinese collectives.

The match with BO3 format is easier for giving tips, so I think that Team Liquid will not be stopped at the tournament, the teams have already played with each other in the group and Team Liquid turned out to be the winner, so this is their time to repeat the results of  2-1 for Team Liquid.