Natus Vincere pull out DreamLeague Season 6

Because of the bad results on The Boston Major qualifiers, Na’Vi pull out the participation in DreamLeague Season 6.

Ad Finem will replace the Ukrainian team. Recently, they won the European qualifiers to The Boston Major. Greek team will play with the current score of Na’Vi (1:1).

Almost all Na’Vi’s matches were planned for the last two weeks of the league. It simplified the process of replacing Natus Vincere with Ad Finem.

Igor “caff” Sidorenko, Na’Vi manager, commented the decision of the team:

“Unfortunately, we made a decision to leave DreamLeague due to what’s been happening lately,” caff said in the statement. “We express our gratitude to the organizers for the understanding of the situation. We also wish good luck to Ad Finem that will perform at the event instead of our team. We’ll announce the reasons as well as the future of our Dota 2 roster within a week.”

The last sentence of this statement makes us expect the changes in roster. Perhaps, the team will even decide to make a pause in participation in the competitive Dota 2 discipline. Yesterday, Dendi posted an interesting tweet:

One of the strongest teamplay players. Offlaner DkPhobos . Weird he is still not in a team