MVP signed the second Dota 2 roster

The team is named MVP.Revolution

The representative of the Korean organization MVP announced on their Twitter page that they decided to sign contracts with Kyrgyz roster, that has previously played under the tag NoLifer5.Reborn.

The first matches of the team are scheduled on WESG 2016 LAN-finals, and after that the players will move to Seoul for a year. They will train and play at the team house of the organization.

The official announcement of the players:

«As we have promised, we announce the changes in our team. NoLifer5.Reborn tag no longer exists. From now on, our team is officially called MVP.Revolution. After WESG Grand Finals, we move to Korea, Seoul where we will continue our performances under MVP tag. Our team house is also located there. Thank you for the support, and stay with us, we promise to please you with our performance in Sea region!»

Состав MVP.Revolution:

Bektur «Runec» Kulov
Duulat «StormC4t-» Subankulov
İlgiz «NapaleoshQa» Djunuşaliev
Džoni «Blizzy» Ri
Bakyt «Zayac» Emilzhanov