Invictus Gaming and Team VG.J go to DAC 2017

The qualification to the event moves on.

The Chinese qualifiers to DAC 2017 are over. The first two teams received tickets to tournament are Invictus Gaming and VG.J, which demonstrated a perfect game during the group stage.

Taking into consideration rules of the qualifiers, the teams that took second and third places in their group go to the play-off series. For the last two places for the Chinese region, the following teams will compete: CDEC Gaming, Vici Gaming, IG.Vitality and LGD.FY:

The LAN-finals will take place on March 28 - April 4 in Shanghai, China. In total, 12 teams will participate in the event, 4 of them received direct invitations. The starting prize pool for the event is $500,000 and it will be increased with the selling of items with tournament symbols.