Gambit eSports signed a Dota 2 roster

Players of Thug Life moved under the wing of the eSports organization Gambit eSports, having signed contracts.

It became known on April 30 that Gambit wanted to sign a Dota 2 roster. That day the Ukrainian cyber-sportsman Andrey «Mag~» Chipenko informed that the manager of Gambit eSports Andrey «Kimi» Kvasnevskiy didn’t sign a new roster as Mag~ promised. Andrey Chipenko joined the Philippine team Mineski after this incident.

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Eugene «chshrct» Kastrama and Danil «Bignum» Shehovtsov previously played for the Belarusian team Power Rangers and Andrey «ALWAYSWANNAFLY» Bondarenko is famous for its participation in The International when he used to be on the roster of Team Empire.

The roster of Gambit Esports:

Andrey «ALWAYSWANNAFLY» Bondarenko
Eugene «chshrct» Kastrama
Danil «Bignum» Shehovtsov
Nikita «Daxak» Kuzmin
Zaur «Cooman» Shahmurzaev