Fnatic has announced the new roster for the new season

The information about the new Dota 2 roster to be fully completed and to be ready to conquer qualifications has appeared on the official website of the organization Fnatic. This time the lineup has been built around Ohaiyo, who has been under the tag Fnatic since June 2015.

Kim «Febby» Yong-min, Kim «QO» Seon-yeop and Galvin Kang Jian «Meracle» Wen have become the newcomers of the team and the last vacant slot has been given to Djardel «DJ» Jicko B. Mampusti, who was protecting the colors of this eSports club from August 2015 to August 2016.

The comment of Djardel «DJ» Jicko B. Mampusti:

«When people ask me why I rejoined Fnatic, the answer is always the same - ‘Because Eric asked me to’. It might sound like a joke, but it is actually the testament to how close I am with the management and players from Fnatic. I think that we are building a great team and I think we can go far.»

The roster of Fnatic for the new season:

Febby - Kim Yong-min
QO - Kim Seon-yeop
Meracle - Galvin Kang Jian Wen
DJ - Djardel Jicko B. Mampusti
Ohaiyo - Chong Xin Khoo