fn left Vega Squadron

On the official website, Vega Squadron announced Rostislav «fn» Lozovoy leaves the team.

The player left the organization because his manner of playing does not suit the demands of the team. Now, the team is looking for a new Carry player. Alexey Kondakov, CEO of the organization, has officially commented on this situation.

Rostislav «fn» Lozovoy has been playing for Vega Squadron for 9 months. Together with the team, he managed to win prize places in WePlay Dota 2 League Season 3 and ESL One Frankfurt 2016.

Semyon «CeMaTheSlayeR» Krivulya, the captain of the team, told that fn prefers farming than the active playing with the team. Because of that, a team spent too much time trying to fix the problems of communication, not finding new decisions for winning.

Rostislav Lozovoy paid efforts to develop as a player, but it was not enough. The captain of the team told that fn decided to leave the team by himself. In a few days, the team agreed with his decision, and fn became a free agent.

Vega Squadron roster:  

Andrey «Mag» Chipenko
Semyon «CeMaTheSlayeR» Krivulya
Sergey «G» Bragin
Akbar «SoNNeikO» Butaev