Fenrir and Sylar left Team Aster

Lu «Fenrir» Chao and Liu «Sylar» Jiajun have decided to leave the roster of Team Aster after a row of failed results. Since the moment of its creation, the team hasn’t won a LAN tournament and they haven’t even entered the top ten at rating competitions.

The players joined the team in September 2018 and the victory at H-Cup Season 11 and the second place at World Electronic Sports Games 2018 China Finals can be called their best results.

It’s worth to notice that Li «iceice» Peng has already been invited to hold the Lu’s position and it is unknown who will hold Jiajun’s position.

The actual roster of Team Aster:

Lin «Xxs» Jing
Ye «BoBoKa» Zhibiao
Li «iceice» Peng
Chai «Mushi» Yee Fung