EPICENTER: Moscow Season 2 new details released

EPICENTER: Moscow organizers announced the format of qualifiers to the upcoming event.

The open qualifiers will be played in two stages. The first stage is scheduled on April 21 – 23, and here the teams from CIS region, North America and SEA will participate. The second stage will take place on April 28 – 30, and CIS region will be replaced here with European division. The best teams from each open qualifier will pass to the closed qualifiers.

A closed qualification for EPICENTER for all regions will take place on May 6 – 14. 6 teams that got direct invited from the organizers will join the best teams determined at open qualifiers. All participants of closed qualifications will compete for the invitations to LAN-final. The final stage of the event will be played in Double Elimination bracket. The remaining participants of the tournament will get direct invites from the organizers.

Additionally, a separate qualification for Chinese region will be hold. Its details will be announced soon.

A group stage for EPICENTER: Moscow Season 2 will take place on June, 4 – 7. 10 teams will be divided into two groups 5 participants in each. The matches will be played in round robin format. The best teams from their groups will move from the play-off to semifinal, and participants, and the participants that took 2 and 3 places in their groups will move from play-off to quarter finals.

The winner of the tournament will get the reward of $250,000. The team taking the second place will get $100,000 reward, and the teams taking 3-4 places will get $40,000 each.

Prize pool distribution:

1 place: $250,000
2 place: $100,000
3-4 place: $40,000
5-6 place: $20,000
7-8 place: $10,000
9-10 place: $5,000