Elements Pro Gaming is now full

Management of Elements Pro Gaming organization signed contracts with three players thus finalizing the creation of the main Dota 2 roster. Ilya «Illidan» Pivcaev, Roman «rmN-» Paley and Dusko «Bor@nija» Boranijasevic join the core players Damir «Mitch» Škaričić and Nikola «LeBronDota» Popovic.

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According to the management press release, this roster will not be changed till the next transfer period that starts when The International 2017 is over.

EPG updated roster:

Damir «Mitch» Škaričić
Nikola «LeBronDota» Popovic
Ilya «Illidan» Pivcaev
Roman «rmN-» Paley
Dusko «Bor@nija» Boranijasevic