EHOME signed a new Dota 2 roster

EHOME announced signing a new Dota 2 roster for 2017 season. They made this announcement on their official Facebook page.

Hu «Guvara» Sen,Wang «Xi» Zhiyong, Jiang «jdh» Donghao and Chen «cty» Tianyu became the new players of the roster. Only two players from the previous roster remained team members - Wang «old chicken» Zhiyong and Ren «eLeVeN» Yangwei. Wang «old chicken» Zhiyong is in the main roster, and Ren «eLeVeN» Yangwei becomes a substitute.

At the end of December 2016, EHOME announced on their Weibo page that a new player will join the roster. Most of the users decided that EHOME talked about Chen «Cty» Tianyu.

EHOME new roster:

Wang «old chicken» Zhiyong
Wang «Xi» Zhiyong
Jiang «jdh» Donghao
Hu «Guvara» Sen
Chen «cty» Tianyu
Ren «eLeVeN» Yangwei (reserve)