Double Dimension has undergone changes in the team

The team from CIS, which has the name Double Dimension, has announced about substitutions in its ranks - Andrey «ALWAYSWANNAFLY» Bondarenko and Evgeniy «Женя» Kuznetsov have left the team, and Vladimir «yol» Basov and the Russian player with nickname Yume have become the newcomers.

The official reason for such decision is unknown, however, sources, who are close to the team, say that it happened because of the failed participation in qualifiers to The Kiev Major 2017, where they held the penultimate place in the CIS region.

The team has already participated in ProDotA Cup Europe #16 with the renewed roster, where has not been able to demonstrate worthy results and held the 9-12 place. The destiny of gone eSportsmen is unknown.

The roster of the team Double Dimension:

Dmitry «UnderShock» Bolshakov
Aleksey «Nongrata» Vasiliev
Vladislav «Crystallize» Krystanek
Vladimir «yol» Basov