Dota 2 Update, November 30

In the run-up to The Boston major, which is going to start in a week, Valve have updated Fall compendium and updated the game client.

Fall 2016 Battle Pass list of updates:


English, Russian and Chinese commentators and interviewers will support the event. The full list of talents is here.  

English Talent

Alexander ‘Machine’ Richardson

Austin ‘Capitalist’ Walsh

Ioannis ‘Fogged’ Loucas

David ‘GoDz’ Parker

David ‘LD’ Gorman

Ben ‘Merlini’ Wu

Owen ‘ODPixel’ Davies

Kevin ‘Purge’ Godec

Ted ‘Pyrion Flax’ Forsyth

Jorien ‘Sheever’ van der Heijden

Jacob‘SirActionSlacks’ Kanner

Toby ‘TobiWan’ Dawson

Chan ‘WinteR’ Litt-Binn

Rikard ‘Skrff’ Melin

Johan ‘Weppas’ Westberg

Joshua ‘AutumnWindz’ Lee

Jack ‘Korean BBQ’ Chen

New Achievements

Player Cards

Fall 2016

Dota TV Tickets

New Brands


User Interface


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