Dota 2 got an update

Valve released an update for Dota 2 adding an old Ranked All Pick mode, new item for Kunkka and tournament tickets.

After the negative response of players that Valve received with new Ranked All Pick where 25 random characters got banned, the developers decided to return to the original Ranked All Pick mode.

Also, Valve added a new exclusive item for Kunkka, that changes animation for Ghost Ship.

[Main fixes]

— Restored Ranked All Pick to normal state
— Kunkka got a new exclusive time and a new Path of the Saltworn Mariner. The item is available for the owner of Battle Passes of 225 level and higher.
— Missing Battle Cup tickets from Level 170 have been awarded.

[New tournament tickets]

— NESO 4th National E-Sports ShenZhen Open Tournament — Galaxy Battles
— Thanh Nien Game Esports Series | (free)
— Dota German League — Season 2 | (free)
— Dota Swiss League — Season 3 | (free)
— Echo League Season 2 | (free)
— Reincarnation Cup | (free)
— RD2L Season 12 IHL | (free)
— Niu League 2017 Season 3 | (free)
— LNEe-WCA America 2017 | (free)
— Polish DOTA 2 League — Season V | (free)
— Blood In The Streets (BITS) | (free)

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