DJ, 343 and MidOne leave Fnatic

The first stage of transfers is almost ready. Only one week is left for players to make their final choice. Teams also should think about their future rosters. Fnatic team has already lost three players. DJ, MidOne and 343  contributed to the development of the team and helped Fnatic to get their current results. Team game and personal achievements of the players started to improve during Frankfurt Major 2015, when DJ joined the team. They have hard times, but they demonstrated good results.

The situation changed in spring. Fnatic demonstrated good game and playing condition during Shanghai and Manila Major group stages. At the beginning of The International 6, fnatic was called one of the most promising teams. As a result, they joined a semi-final match. They lost it to the future vice-champions Digital Chaos.  

Nevertheless, team mebers decided to leave the organization and try themselves at another team. Perhaps, they will join a roster from another region or take some time to have a rest.

Ohaiyo and Mushi (captain) do not leave Fnatic, and already start to prepare for the next major tours.

Fnatic management is grateful to the ex-players. In the official statements, they wished ex-members ‘the best of luck in all of their future endeavours, whether that be on the battlefield or otherwise’.

Players’ commentaries:

Yeik MidOneNai Zheng

I am leaving Fnatic because I want to experience more of the competitive scene and try out new things and new players. I have been with Fnatic for 9 long months and I appreciate all the good times we had together in that time. I wish everybody good luck in the upcoming year.


After living overseas for 2 years, I wanted to rest a little bit and spend most of my time in the Philippines. I’m now considering playing locally instead of playing outside my country. To my former team, I want to say thanks for everything. I really learned a lot of things by playing with you guys. Good luck in your future.


Playing in this team was an amazing experience, I would like to take a short break as it has been a really tiring year for me. I'd like to say a humongous thank you to Fnatic as well as my teammates, we shall meet again.

Management commentaries:

EricreinnKhor Wei Soon

The 2015-2016 season of Dota 2 for Fnatic has been an insane one. With that said, I am sad to see DJ, 343 and MidOne departing from the team. If people are wondering on why we would drop these fantastic players after finishing well at TI: all three of them are departing on their own accord due to personal reasons.

Fnatic.Dota 2 current roster: