Comanche and ALTERNATE aTTaX have become the first participants of D2CL S11

Not that long ago the organizers of D2CL announced the 11th season of their competition and the open qualifiers to the above-mentioned championship have finished today - Comanche and ALTERNATE aTTaX haven’t found equal to themselves at the qualification.

There will be three more open online qualifications, which finalists will get to the finals. 8 teams, which have received the invite from the organizers, will join the qualifiers winners.

All qualifiers will be held on the platform FACEIT and everyone can take part in them, you can register following the link. The beginning of the second qualification is scheduled from March 4 to March 5 this year.

The final part will be held online, 16 teams will face each other and the prize pool will be $5,000. The previous season was finished with the victory of the team F.R.I.E.N.D.S, which won Horde with the score 2:0 in the final.