Cloud9 canceled contracts with its roster

The information about the leave of the Dota 2 roster has appeared on the official website of the multi-gaming organization Cloud9. Exact reasons are not stated, however, it is said that the roster hasn’t wanted to continue the partnership with the eSports club.

The comment of Jon «13abyKnight» Andersen:

«When I started playing with Danish Bears back in June of 2016 I didn’t expect us to come this far. We improved a lot early on after joining Cloud9 and it showed in our results, but lately we were not able to continue that progress. We formed as a group of friends and the issues we encountered have not changed that, but we began being plagued by unresolved issues in our games. After discussing as a team whether there were any good long-term solutions, we have decided it is best to part ways. I want to thank Cloud9 and their fans for supporting us and giving us a chance to compete at this level».

During the time passed under the tag of the organization, the team could achieve a great success. Only World Electronic Sports Games 2016 can be noticed among team’s achievements.

It is worth to notice that the future of the players, who have left, is unknown, however, Jon «13abyKnight» Andersen has made a decision to stay under the tag Cloud9 and will hold a position of the official streamer.

The former roster of Cloud9:

Marcus «Ace» Hoelgaard
Jon «13abyKnight» Andersen
Mikki «HesteJoe-Rotten» Junget
Danny «NoiA» Junget
Christoffer «Ryze» Winther