Ark and ryOyr joined Mineski.GGNetwork

Egor «Ark» Zhabotinskii and Ryo «ryOyr» Hasegawa were included in the list of Mineski.GGNetwork’s players on the official Valve website for rosters’ registration. There is no information about the move, however, after the signing of Andrey «Mag» Chipenko, the joining of Russian cyber-sportsman is not surprising.

Previously Egor «Ark» Zhabotinskii has participated in the ranks of Comanche, however, the roster was not able to achieve objectives and was disbanded. In his turn, Ryo «ryOyr» Hasegawa has been listed in TNC Pro Team recently but he has held the position of a stand-in since May 16.

The renewed roster of Mineski.GGNetwork:

Chai «Mushi» Yee Fung
Michael «ninjaboogie» Ross
Andrey «Mag» Chipenko
Egor «Ark» Zhabotinskii
Ryo «ryOyr» Hasegawa