1437 became a father

Cybersportsman Sivatiban '1437' Sivanatapillai announced on his Twitter account that he became a father and attached a photo with his newborn daughter. She received the name Euphoria.

According to 1437 statements, the last nine months turned out to be very difficult for his family, but this did not prevent the player from making his way from the open qualification of the second season of Dota Pro Circuit, first to the closed qualifier, then to the lower division, and after that to the upper division altogether. Recall that his team played in the league, losing only one map for the entire time, and not suffering a single defeat during the matches.

Joakim 'Akke' Actorl, who won The International 2013 with Alliance, previously spoke about a similar event. On February 3, a daughter was also born in his family, who received the name Tifa.