The substitution that took place in the Dota-roster of Team Liquid may not be of a very short-term nature.

William 'Blitz' Lee, Team Liquid's mentor, has revealed new details regarding the same roster with SumaiL. According to the coach, it is still unknown when Boxi intends to return to the roster. Presumably, Liquid can even play at The International 2021 without their own offlaner.

Blitz explained Boxi's departure due to personal issues. He could not talk about the details, but he said that the reasons were quite compelling. Boxi, after his return, may want to talk about everything himself.

“Boxi took a break to deal with some personal issues that I don’t want to talk about. When he returns, he will be able to tell himself what made him decide. <...> We will give him as much time as it takes. I have no idea how long it will be out. <...> It is quite possible that we will play with SumaiL at TI. I love to place bets, and at this stage I would say that the likelihood that Boxi will not have time to return, is about 30% ".

Despite the current circumstances, SumaiL was immediately informed that he was coming to play as a substitute, but if he was interested in the prospect of coaching, he could remain in Team Liquid as a second mentor:

“We were as honest with SumaiL as possible and immediately told him that when Boxi returned, we would have to leave. Of course, we will pay him his salary in full. <...> In addition, I invited him to try himself as a coach. would give us another perspective. "