Work has just begun - Valve fixes Dawnbreaker mechanics

On the night of April 13-14, Valve released a new patch for Dota 2. In it, the skills of the new Dawnbreaker character have been reworked. Some of them previously did not work on ancient creeps, which has now been fixed, while other abilities, on the contrary, were too strong and could be used while in a daze.

Full Dawnbreaker Skill Changelog

The previous patch, which was released in Dota 2 on the night of April 12-13, changed the mechanics of using Bottle. Now, when players pick up the runes of wealth or water, then they restore themselves only two charges out of three. This innovation did not affect the rest of the runes. You can read more about this update here. In addition, players recently found a mention of a new arcana for Specter and are now expecting a new item for this hero. Did you miss this news too? No big deal, you can always catch up here!