Dota 2 released a big patch 7.29 with a new hero

Valve, as promised earlier, released a large 7.29 patch on April 9th, affecting all aspects of the game. In 7.29, changes affected the landscape, the balance of heroes, items, but the main event was a new hero, more precisely the heroine - Dawnbreaker.

According to the description on the character's official page, this is a melee carry. In battle, Dawnbreaker uses a massive hammer and spells of light.

Dawnbreaker is able to launch combo attacks, move to her hammer thrown in advance and heal allies, damaging enemies. Dawnbreaker's ultimate ability allows her to teleport to any friendly hero, healing them along the way.

In addition, significant changes have been made to the landscape of the game. Were reworked: the central and light lines of the Forces of Light, the main forest of the Forces of Light and Darkness, the triangle of the Forces of Darkness and the light line of the Forces of Darkness, as well as many other positions on the game map.

Of course, there were some balance and hero changes. So, for example, a new Water rune was added, instantly restoring 100 health units and 80 mana units, and the “Necronomicon” item was successfully removed altogether.

You can find out about all the changes on the official update page. There you will also find a complete description of the new heroine and changes in the strength of the heroes of the Battle of the Ancients.