Epic Esports Events did not pay prize money to ex-NAVI player

In his Twitter-account Ukrainian cyber sportsman Ilya 'Lil me alone' Ilyuk asked the director of Epic Esports Events Product Brand 'March3llo' Averbukh when the pay Omegalil team players prize they earned during their participation in the league.

Ilya wrote the following:

"Daily reminder. @ March3llo will the prize money go out for a walk? Or are you waiting for you to throw off the documents by 5x (and not 3x) to translate all at once? I am not writing this all to come up with new excuses if anything."

Based on what Ilya Ilyuk said, the issue of transferring funds rests on problems with documents, which, apparently, sound more like excuses.

Let us remind you that Lil me alone gathered a team with the simple name Omegalil to participate in the OMEGA League European Divine Division with a prize pool of $ 50,000. The team finished 7th-8th in the standings and earned $ 2,500. Despite this, the team still has not received its funds.

There are already discussions online about what to do to withdraw funds from Epic Esports Events. Some recommend using the help of a lawyer, while others doubt that such a move would make much sense.