23 savage looking for a team

On his Twitter account Nyengnar '23savage' Tiramakhanon said that he is looking for a new team for himself and is ready to change his place of residence. He was previously listed with BOOM Esports as a substitute player.

The career of 18-year-old 23savage started 3 years ago. During his performances, he managed to play under the tag of such teams as Fnatic, Alpha Blue and others. In September last year, he signed a contract with Vici Gaming, but at the beginning of 2021 he terminated the contract due to the inability to come to the bootcamp due to the current quarantine.

Nyengnara 23savage Tiramakhanon tweeted the following:

"I am looking for a team. I can move to another region. Thanks to BOOM Esports for the opportunity to play in the first season. Now I am open to other proposals."