NAVI and will be able to play twice for the invitation to the playoffs of ONE Esports Singapore Major 2021

Valve decided to change the replay rules and ESL, together with DreamHack, had to revise the format of DPC 2021 Season 1 replay for the CIS and Europe. From now on, replay matches will be held when the entry of a particular team into different stages of the upcoming ONE Esports Singapore Major 2021 depends on them.

At first, replays were to be held only for getting to the Major tournament or keeping their place in the current division, and not for reaching different stages. Valve has now asked ESL and DreamHack to rethink the tournament format and include replays in those moments when the teams will determine which of them will go to the playoffs and who will go to the group stage. This innovation applies only to the CIS and Europe, since in other regions this rule is already in effect.

After a request from Valve, additional matches will become the main way to resolve disputes, including for reaching different stages of the Major. In other regions, this rule was in effect before.

Now, with these rules, Natus Vincere, in the event of their victory over in the next match, will have to play again with their fellow countrymen for a place in the playoff stage of the upcoming ONE Esports Singapore Major 2021. The meeting will take place on February 26.