B8 Esports played in a match against Creepwavee with a substitution

In the second season of Snow Sweet Snow, a bout was held today between B8 Esports and Creepwave. In it, B8 came out with a replacement in their composition. Instead of Leonardo 'RdO-' Frenandez, Serb Dusko 'BoraNija' Boranihasevic played.

The meeting ended 2-0 in favor of Creepwave. The first map was lost in 29 minutes, and the second in 35. There is no information about why the team played with a substitution.

The meeting was debut. B8 Esports earned their first defeat and are now fifth in Group A.

Snow Sweet Snow Season 2 started on February 15th and ends on March 11th. 16 participants share a total prize pool of $ 50,000 between each other. Half of the prize money will go into the winner's pocket.