Will Team Nigma have role changes?

Recently on reddit, users noticed that the players Nigma Alivi 'w33' Omar and Amer 'Miracle-' al-Barkawi take part in matchmaking meetings, playing not in their signature roles. The forum has already begun a discussion of their future future and the likely rearrangement of roles.

In matches played by Miracle- over the past eight days, the Jordanian has fought in the mid lane, while Alivi 'w33' Omar played in the first position. There were also some barbs from users. Thus, one of the Dota 2 fans suggested that Nigma find a new mid lane or put Miracle- there, and find someone more talented in the first position.

Miracle- changed positions more than once during official matches. Before w33 joined the team, Amer changed positions with Finn Lasse 'MATUMBAMAN' Urpalainen, and later changed positions with w33 himself.