Fy and Somnus 丶 M left PSG.LGD

In social networks, representatives of PSG.LGD told that Somnus 丶 M and fy left the location of the esports club.

Fy became part of the Chinese team exactly 3 years ago, on September 4, 2017, and the experience of playing Somnus 丶 M under the banner of this club is 2 years longer than that of Xu Linsen. Lu Yao joined PSG.LGD in mid-March 2015. For most of the time, fy was the in-game leader of PSG.LGD, while Somnus 丶 M played in the mid lane. At the moment, there is no reliable information about where the departed esportsmen will continue their careers. There is a rumor that they will head to the ranks of 4AM, where they can join former Vici Gaming players and esports players from Sparking Arrow Gaming.

Playing under the PSG.LGD banners, fy and Somnus 丶 M achieved great success and won prizes in important international tournaments. The most significant results can be considered the 2nd place at The International 2018, the 3rd place at The International 2019, as well as the championship at MDL Changsha Major 2018 and EPICENTER XL.

Now the PSG.LGD roster looks like this: