Rumor: a Puppet Master hero may appear in Dota 2

One reddit user known as WellisCute told the community about his findings in the game files. There he found the mention of a certain hero under the name of Puppet Master and some details of his abilities. It is noteworthy that in another MOBA project, Heroes of Newerth, there is a hero with the same name.

There were already rumors on the forum that a hero would appear in the game who could control the minds. Now this theory has been supported by another success of the dataminer, and therefore the likelihood of the appearance of this hero is really significant. One of the famous commentators, Jake 'SirActionSlacks' Kanner, said earlier that such a character would have to be added to the game, and the idea for the image was proposed by him at one of the contests.

WellisCute thinks that a new hero may appear already in Battle Pass 2020 and many forum users are skeptical about the likelihood of this event, which, in fact, is logical, because Valve kept silent about new heroes right up to the very announcement. One of the guests believes that the presence of a name with abilities in the game files does not at all guarantee the appearance of a character as such, and there are quite enough unused placeholder names there.