Summer event added to Dota 2

In the in-game client, an event was added in which players, gathering in groups of 4 people, will pass the tests and fight with the bosses. Along with this, they will be engaged in collecting Aghanim's Scepter fragments, which will improve their abilities and magic fragments that can be spent on permanent amplifications. Passing through the labyrinths, subjects will be able to choose for themselves those enemies they want, and the rewards given out for defeating them will vary.

In the new mode, there will also be the opportunity to play "Tests of Aganim", where in a randomly generated location, players can compete in which of them will be able to go this way faster. However, the Aganim Trials will be available once a week during the two-hour session that Valve will choose. The first time this mode will be launched on the 21st, after which it will be available to players every Sunday until the Battle Pass 2020 is over.

The best teams will be displayed in the leaderboard, and their position will be rewarded in a special way. Leaders will receive the new Baby Rosham courier, and the top three will be able to replenish Kunkka’s wardrobe with new Waterlogged Shoes. The remaining ten teams from the top 10 will earn on a random subject Arcana.

Teams that defeated the first boss in Aganim's Tests will be able to activate a visual effect similar to the one on the Battle Pass logo. The effect will end a week after its receipt, so that players every week have the motivation to pass this test.