gpk ~ will play instead of xannii as part of HellRaisers at Parimatch League Season 3

Yesterday, HellRaisers reported that xannii received a broken arm, but did not talk about possible solutions to this situation. Now it became known about the replacement. gpk ~ will play instead of Arslan Shadjanov in the roster as part of the third league season from Parimatch.

HR's debut meeting will take place against tomorrow. From July 3 to 5, the final stage of the Parimatch League Season 3 will take place, where four teams will distribute a total prize pool of $ 93,000 between each other.

HellRaisers roster for PM League Season 3:

Alexander 'Nix' Levin
Danil 'gpK ~' Skutin (standin)
Gleb 'Funn1k' Lipatnikov
Vladimir 'RodjER' Nikoghosyan
Yaroslav 'Miposhka' Naydenov