Ревью Dota 2 Asia Championships 2017

Just a day ago, the second season of the Dota 2 Asia Championships 2017 tournament ended, the winners of which were the Invictus Gaming team. We will talk about the quality of the tournament and its results.

The quality of tournaments in the Chinese region:

We will not tire of repeating the quality of tournaments in China. Surely everyone remembers The Shanghai Major, which had huge delays and problems on broadcasts, the first season of the Dota 2 Asia Championships, where players were waiting for their matches in the hallway and others.

Dota 2 Asia Championships 2017 can be safely called different from the previous ones, because many players and analysts have argued that the DAC 2017 does not just reach the level of The International, and in some cases even better. The organizers worked wonderfully - no delays, problems with the loss of personal peripherals and other things. China is also famous for its delays in prize payments, but we can’t tell you anything here, because we don’t have any information about the payments.

The importance of the tournament before The Kiev Major 2017:

For any self-respecting team, the main seasonal tournaments are majors and professional DotA players are no exception. This championship was regarded as preparation for The Kiev Major 2017, even the captain of Team Liquid, Kuroky, spoke about this. Only Team NP, Team Empire and LGD.FY showed their maximum in this championship, who failed to overcome the regional qualifiers for the major tournament in Kiev. This tournament was of little interest to the players because the invites to The Kiev Major 2017 were already issued and they weren’t afraid of anything.

Championship Results:

Surely the results of the championship a little surprised the ordinary fan of Dota 2, however, as mentioned above, this tournament did not solve anything and many teams simply tested strategies - for example, GH and Miracle constantly changed their positions, which was not previously observed. The winners of the championship were the Invictus Gaming team, which is probably now the best team in China. There is nothing unexpected here, many put this team on a par with Team Liquid and OG in the list of winners before the tournament, so the result is quite expected.


The organizers of the competition prepared two types of entertainment for the audience - a 1 on 1 tournament and a match of all stars. One cannot but agree that both events were held with a bang and all the spectators were satisfied. In the grand final of the 1 on 1 tournament, Sccc and Paparazi встрет met, and the young talent from IG.Vitality came out of the fight, earning about $ 7,000.

The match of all stars in general turned out to be more interesting than the whole tournament. The battle was remembered not only by the composition of the members of each team, but also by the mode - the teams selected heroes for each other, so 10 kerry appeared on the map, well, how is it in a public match, right?

Best match of the tournament:

We cannot attribute any match to the section of the best match of the tournament due to the fact that all-stars interrupts all the others in terms of interest. However, if you want to enjoy beautiful performance from professionals, we advise you to review all three matches of the grand finals.

The best player of the tournament :

I consider Invictus Gaming support team - Ye “BoBoka” Zhibiao to be the best player in the tournament. The guy was pleased to play reliably in the group stage, and in the grand finals he showed himself to the full. Largely thanks to him and Xxs, the Chinese team raised the coveted title over their heads. For three Grand Final cards, BoBoka died just 11 times and did 40,000 damage. Recall that Ye “BoBoka” Zhibiao stands for support.