compLexity Gaming signed DeMoN and Feero

Jimmy «DeMoN» Ho and Feras «Feero» Hroob joined the American esports organization.

CompLexity Gaming together with two new players are going to participate in the regional qualifiers to The International 2017. Jimmy Ho announced that DeMoN and Feero became the part of the organization on his official Twitter account.

Since January 2017, compLexity Gaming tried to play with different players. In the qualifiers to The Kiev Major 2017, Eric «747» Dong and Jaron «monkeys-forever» Clinton played for the team. In the regional qualifier to EPICENTER: Moscow 2017 and The Summit 7 compLexity Gaming played with Vladislav «vlad» Yurchenko, Jimmy «DeMoN» Ho and Feras «Feero» Hroob. Despite the fact that the team did not manage to pass to any LAN-final with this roster, the organization decided to sign DeMoN and Feero. Together with new players, compLexity Gaming will try to join The International 2017.

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On May 8, Jimmy Ho became a free agent after Lee «Forev» Sang-don replaced him in the roster of Digital Chaos. Before joining compLexity Gaming, Feero was a part of European mix B)ears. After the failure on The Kiev Major 2017 Feras Hroob left B)ears.

complexity Gaming roster:

Kyle «swindlemelonzz» Freedman
Zakari «Zfreek» Freedman
David «Moo» Hull
Jimmy «DeMoN» Ho
Feras «Feero» Hroob