As part of INF.UESPORTS permutations

In South America, after the end of the second season of the DPC, local reshuffling began. point changes affected the Infamous.Uesports club.

The club said goodbye to two players at once: sl4d1n- and Lumiere. This became known thanks to the team registration page for the upcoming season.

Updated Infamous roster

Lumiere has been playing in the first position since July 2021, and sl4d1n joined the team as a four in February of this year. Probably the reason for the departure of the players was not the most successful performance of Infamous at the DPC 2021/2022 Tour II South America Upper Division, where the team took 5th place.

The place of the departed players will be taken by Parker and Michael, who will stand for the team from May 3rd. With the updated roster, Infamous will play at BTS Pro Series Season 11: Americas.