DPC 2021/22 Tour II: summing up the results of another gaming day

April for fans of competitive DotA began with another gaming day as part of the DPC 2021/22 Tour II. Collected all the results of past matches in one place.

Results of matches DPC 2021/22 Tour II: North America

There wasn't much competitive dota yesterday, but it was still there. The main place of events was the American division. At what only the lower division.

Thanks to their victory, Arkosh Gaming got the 2nd victory in the group and are now on the 3rd line. As for Stratyk, they have 1 win and 3 losses in their inventory.

Results of DPC 2021/22 Tour II: South America matches

There was a little more bright DotA in South America. There, instead of the lower division, teams from the top eight of the region played.

Peruvians from Beastcoast continue to build momentum and earn points. For them, the victory over Lava was 4 in the regular season. In turn, the first victory in the tournament was obtained by Infinity.

Yesterday we watched only America, but today games will resume in other divisions. Let's watch the matches of Southeast Asia and Western Europe.