vtFαded commented on his ban from Valve tournaments

vtFαded, who plays for Team Orca, commented on his ban on tournaments from Valve. The 23-year-old Malaysian e-sportsman wrote a post on his Twitter confirming that some Team Orca players did indeed play on Apex player accounts.

It is true that some Team Orca players have played Apex player accounts in the Southeast Asia DPC. However, I do not understand at all what evidence of match-fixing is in question. I will try to collect all possible information and hopefully I will be able to convey to Valve that I am not involved in fake matches, as well as in the account exchange.

vtFαded has been playing for Team Orca since September last year. Together with the team, the 23-year-old Malaysian esportsman became the winner of QH Sports Dota Series 1, QH Sports Dota Series 3, Oceanic Esports Dota Championships and BTS Pro Series Season 10: Southeast Asia.

However, the day before, the Beyond The Summit studio conducted its own investigation, as a result of which Team Orca and Apex players received a lifetime ban from Valve tournaments. During the investigation, representatives of the studio found out that members of Team Orca used the accounts of the players of the Apex team, thereby speaking on their behalf.

In addition, a separate investigation was conducted that revealed that Team Orca players were involved in match-fixing at the BTS Pro Series and other third-party tournaments. As a result, it was decided to permanently ban Team Orca and Apex players from all championships held by Valve.