PSG.LGD have registered so far only 4 players for the new DPC season

Almost immediately after the disastrous grand final for PSG.LGD with Team Spirit at The International 10, the Chinese club announced that they did not intend to change the roster. At the moment, LGD has registered only 4 players on the registration site: Faith_bian, Ame, NothingToSay and XinQ, only y` (innocence) is missing.

There have been no rumors regarding a reshuffle in PSG.LGD, which means that y` will join the Chinese team in the next few hours.

PSG.LGD defeated T1,, Team Secret at The International 10 in the upper bracket, but lost to Team Spirit 2: 3. The team finished second and earned $ 5,202,400.

After The International 10, there was a scandal involving the coach of PSG.LGD - xiao8 for bets on his team and sometimes opponents. I wonder if he will continue to coach LGD in the new season.

Current PSG.LGD squad