A new mix has been formed in the CIS with RAMZES666 and fng - CIS Rejects

A mix appeared on the team registration site - CIS Rejects. The roster, as expected, included Artyom fng Barshak, Roman RAMZES666 Kushnarev, Pavel 9pasha Khvastunov, Vladimir RodjeR Nikogosyan and Gleb depressed kid Zyryanov.

Rumors have been confirmed that 9pasha, RAMZES666 and the depressed kid will play together. Most likely, at the last moment they picked up two players, which were fng and RodjeR, the latter even recently played as a substitute for NoMarci. Also, it is likely that lil me alone could be on the roster, but the emphasis was again on RodjeR.

The Prosti Esli team, where 9pasha played last season, should have retained a slot in the second division and therefore we will see CIS Rejects there.

CIS Rejects Roster