on the 11k MMR account scandal: "We urge the community to reasonably assess the reliability of the rumors"

The club considered it necessary to respond to rumors that a Smurf account with 11 thousand MMR was sold to a streamer for 700 thousand rubles.

The bottom line is that Ark and DM played on that account, and on Dota Pro Tracker he is listed as a gpk smurf. The account was sold to the streamer werdex, whose real rank is significantly different even from Titan. On the gpk smurf, he missed Undying and Pudge, not a single victory in 20 games and a natural low priority. on the 11k MMR account scandal:

To avoid any sanctions towards DM and gpk for this situation from Valve, is releasing an official statement regarding this moment.

Based on the announcement, always adheres to the principles of fair and open eSports competition. Also, "there is no reason to believe that existing VP players are conducting incorrect financial transactions with accounts."

"Bears" urged the community "to reasonably assess the reliability of rumors and anonymous statements, since such topics and scandals only work for the traffic of e-sports media."