Official: Quincy Crew Unveils New Season Lineup

The Quincy Crew has posted a roster for the new DPC season on Twitter. As previously reported, the former backbone of QC players is still gone, we are talking about MSS, SVG and Lelis, but YawaR and Quinn remained. They were also joined by KheZu, who was the coach of the Quincy Crew at TI10, on the five the little-known Singaporean Ponlo, on the MiLAN four, is known for his matches for the Ghost Frogs last season.

The squad is also looking for partnerships and sponsors. As a reminder, Quincy Crew finished in 9th-12th place and earned $ 800,400 per team. In the lower bracket, they managed to beat Team Aster, but in the next round they lost to OG.

New Quincy Crew