NS about the conflict between Illidan and RAMZES: "there is a [blocking function] in Dota and on the Internet. Use it - save a lot of nerves and time"

Yaroslav Kuznetsov, just like Illidan and RAMZES, who once played in Virtus.pro, decided not to stand aside and commented on the recent conflict between Ilya 'Illidan' Pivtsaev and Roman 'RAMZES' Kushnarev. According to him, everything could have been avoided if one of the players decided to cool down and block their teammate in voice and regular chat.

NS reminds all Dota 2 players once again that they can isolate themselves from toxicity using this simple method:

The soap opera in Dota is cool, of course. But I remind everyone at once that in Dota and in general on the Internet there are all sorts of mutes, emergency situations and other functions so as not to communicate with those with whom you do not want to. Xs how can you even start fighting in public, if you can just throw in a mute and play calmly. Use this feature in your games - you will save a lot of nerves, time, and there will be more victories, because to participate in the game in the game = stop playing it.

On October 27, a skirmish took place between Ilya 'Illidan' Pivtsaev and Roman 'RAMZES' Kushnarev. In a rating match, RAMZES rudely told Pivtsaev to give mid. Illidan made concessions, but did not remain in debt. In return, he told a lot of interesting information about Roman Kushnarev, after which the ex-general manager of Virtus.pro Roman Dvoryankin stood up for Kushnarev and said that the case could go to court.

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