Scandals, intrigues, investigations: a loud skirmish took place between Illidan and RAMZES. Can the case go to court?

Two well-known representatives of the CIS division, both once in the ranks of, Ilya 'Illidan' Pivtsaev and Roman 'RAMZES' Kushnarev could not agree on the distribution of roles among themselves in the match. The novel in an ugly form made it clear to Ilya that the latter does not play as well as RAMZES, and therefore it would be better for Kushnarev to go to the middle lane. RAMZES also said that Illidan could never beat him in official games, and therefore does not want to give mid to his teammate Ilya Pivtsaev. Illidan did not understand that he was dealing with Roman Kushnarev and tried to find out who was so rude to him and asked to throw off statistics regarding his prize money.

After he found out that RAMZES was behind the unflattering words, Ilya invited his teammate to tell people some interesting facts about him, after which he brought down several serious statements on Roman. Illidan believes that it is better to play not very well, but at the same time not to have drug addiction, which, according to him, RAMZES cannot get rid of. In addition, Illidan accused Kushnarev of inciting management to fire the team analyst in order to subsequently receive even more money:

I can tell you a couple of things about you on stream. Roxbury[strip club in Moscow]cocaine}} }} }}[fool]. You say something about an official, I}} }} }}[beat you]a couple of times. And you wrote all sorts of things on prodota}} }} }}[garbage]. I am cancer, but at least not a cocaine addict, what difference does it make to me. Better to}} }} }}[badly]play than die by the age of 30 from cocaine addiction. And it's better than kicking your analysts to cut their salaries. Anything is better than this.

Boy,}} }} }}[kapets]is you, let's be honest. You play better, but everything else in life is}} }} }}[tin]rubbish. You can't even say a few words to me in return. You}} }} }}[zadolbal]talk behind your back, and then}} }} }}[bullshit]be like, "Haha, I'm kidding." Go to}} }} }}[nafig]. <...>

When Roman 'RAMZES' Kushnarev said that Pivtsaev was behaving inappropriately, Ilya did not stand on ceremony and answered him in a rude manner. Illidan said that unlike RAMZES, he did not take part in fake matches, and all the money for his career was earned in a completely honest way:

Man, you have a 500 word vocabulary. Why are you telling me about adequacy? Have you seen your behavior anywhere in your life? <...> At least I didn’t sew three, two, two (I didn’t participate in fake matches), you know. I have chosen my path.

By the way, why didn't you delete Dota? You promised. You're just a}} }} }} hyena who can only}} }} }}[slander]those who don't have a career. You can never}} }} }}[face]open your face on a chela who is better than you, and it's funny. An insignificant sycophant. <...> Well, maybe you can tell how three-two-two-sewed? Nothing to say?

When I hear this chela, I start to shake. Such a worm}} }} }}[bloody]podzaborny. Did you notice that he didn't deny everything I said? Absolutely nothing. Draw your own conclusions. I was always looking for an excuse to spit in}} }} }}[face]this}} }} }}[moron]. To spit in the face figuratively, not in real life.

I can't play normally when this person is for me. Just the worst scum. <...> With this brow, I will never be in a normal relationship in my life, no matter what happens.

According to Ilya Pivtsaev, there is not a single situation that could change his opinion about Kushnarev. He also remembered Bogdan 'Iceberg' Vasilenko, who, according to Pivtsaev, can be contacted for interesting feedback about Kushnarev:

There is no situation that would make me make peace with him and start treating him normally. Because I know that this is a}} }} }}[fucking]worm, which in any situation, when he does not need someone, starts to behave with people like crap. Listen to Iceberg, anyone.

This is an ordinary}} }} }}[sucker]who can't bark at anyone who plays Dota better. Because there is absolutely no character.

Illidan admits that Roman plays Dota very well, however, he believes that apart from playing Dota 2, he can't do anything else in this life:

I do not blame him for this way of life, but I believe that if he opens his}} }} }}[face], you need to shut him up constantly. His Russian language skills are against me - it's like going out into a cage with Iceberg. And then, the chances for me will be higher. Better to forget how to talk and play Dota. Because apart from this, he never knew anything in life and never will be able to.

Roman ignored Pivtsaev during the game, but then Twitter became the battleground. There Kushnarev published a statement in which he urged Ilya to refer to specific arguments when he accuses RAMZES of serious things:

Dear Ilyusha! Before you vise something rotten about other people, remember that this requires proofs, and not some left-wing rumors. I didn't think it would worry anyone, but cybersport worms dug it out too.

Later, the former general manager of the e-sports club Roman Dvoryankin joined the game. He says that the statements are serious enough, and therefore the case can take a big turn and go to court:

By the way, I think that the story of accusations of fake matches against Ramses can be considered in the legal plane from the point of view of libel and/or protection of honor and dignity. And if the claim is satisfied, you can donate money to charity.

Then Ilya 'Illidan' Pivtsaev himself joined the dialogue on Twitter:

AHAHAH. That is, the most rotten person who shits at anyone, whose titles are less than him, any kind of dirt, will indicate to me who and what to blame? You run into anyone whose current career situation is bad in a humiliating manner. A hypocritical piece of shit.

And RAMZES, well, yes, you and Roman Dvoryankin apparently decided to skip the situation with the Roxberry and cocaine addiction in that speech that was from me. Because you both perfectly understand everything) The situation with Jan in Virtuspro too. I want one thing - that you are poorly educated, but able.

In Dota, the RAMZES guy never opened his}} }} }}[face]in my direction. I warned you about this more than once or twice. Don't talk about me and you won't exist for me. Do you want to poke me with officials and my weakness? I will do the same with your weaknesses.

Ilya assures that the words of Roman cannot be trusted, since he does not keep his promises:

And my word, unlike yours, can be trusted, because I do not write VANSKOR (IN ALLCHAT,}} }} }}[damn]!!!), that if}} }} }}[lose]to him even once, I will delete the Dota. My viewers and people who know me are witnesses that I do not answer personal provocative questions until the person talks about me}} }} }}[nonsense].

Dvoryankin refused to comment on the topic of drugs, as he assumed that Ilya was in an inadequate state:

Ilya, did you go like a cuckoo? I don't even want to comment on nonsense about cocaine, but how do you know anything about our analyst Yan? We parted normally in a civilized manner, having fulfilled all contractual obligations to him. What do you want to achieve with this all?

Illidan said that all this would not have happened if Roman Kushnarev had not behaved toxicly towards Pivtsaev:

I want the person I am not touching not to hurt me. that's all I want.

Roman Dvoryankin asked why he decided not to give up the mid to RAMZES, to which Illidan replied:

I gave it, understood a bit, but gave it away, you see. I took a teenie and went double mid? or what? Where did I go? I think I know all the Ramses fakes? Do you at least understand at what point I realized that this is Ramses? although yes, I could have guessed from the phrase about the official, no other person wrote this to me

Later, Ilya commented on Dvoryankin's statement about the transfer of the case to court:

And about the legal side of the issue - it will be fun when all those who have suffered from ramses will serve a counter. He's a goddamn man, a very loyal and decent person, right? oh oh, now you have to follow the speech, otherwise they will be sued.

Illidan drew attention to the fact that Kushnarev has an honorable number of titles, but this does not give him the right to misbehave:

Oh yeah, I forgot, when you win 5 majors and almost 2 lamas in prize money - this is an indulgence for disgusting. If you don't constantly mention that a person is being extremely arrogant and has a god complex, no one will notice this, right?

According to Pivtsaev, Ilya simply accepted the rules of the game that RAMZES wants to play:

Do you know what is our difference? Ramses wants to constantly hurt someone, but only I, as they say, accepted the rules and entered the game. What did Ramses do? gave the back and ran to twitter. I repeat once again, Dvoryankin, your ward has mastered Dota by 5. but R I (real life? Editorial note) is not even 2, this game will be much more difficult, even if he does not play it with me, that's all I ask. In Dota, he is handsome, better than me. I have said this many times. but maybe at least this case will force him sometimes not to open his face WANTING in allchat for no reason.

The skirmish ended with the agreement ofRoman Dvoryankin that a lot was said and suggested that Illidan go to bed:

Ilya, well, everything seems to have been said, but everything is not enough for you. Get some sleep!

Most viewers of the incident and Dota 2 fans sided with Ilya 'Illidan' Pivtsaev and believe that Roman 'RAMZES' Kushnaryov really needs to learn how to speak. In addition, they noted Kushnaryov's inability to independently understand his problems and Roman Dvoryankin's call for help. The fact that Illidan continued to crush opponents with strong arguments and did not back down at a time when RAMZES stopped responding, and the ex-general manager of came to his side on the battlefield, was also not ignored.