One soldier in the field - Dendi's departure and return to B8

While the big reshuffle is in full swing, news of line-up changes appears more and more frequently. Recently, we talked about the fact that only one Danylo "Dendi" Ishutin remained in the B8 roster, and yesterday there was news that the player was kicked from his own club.

As it turned out, "Dendi" himself did not go anywhere and he was not kicked out of the organization. Danyl was removed from B8 by the former manager of B8, to whom the club's slot in the DPC is registered.

In addition to the former manager of B8, the ex-player of B8, Alexander "nofear" Churochkin, is related to the slot and the current situation. He clarified what was happening by giving a detailed commentary.

Commentary by Alexander "nofear" Churochkin

This is the slot of the XactJlepbI team, he got into the B8 team together with me and our manager. Neither me nor he is a part of B8 anymore. It will be fair to say that three more players played on this slot for six months -[T]SA, DrWatson and Time to Nowhere. But they also ended up on the bench and will not be able to use this slot under the B8 tag. So I don’t see any injustice that the slot didn’t stay behind B8. And the aforementioned people will decide together how to properly dispose of the slot.

For three months[since I left]Dendi has never written to me about the slot. The only time I found out that B8 wants a slot for itself was 12 days ago - after the players left there. And then,[learned]from other people, not from B8.

We remind that earlier Alimzhan "Watson" Islambekov, Yaroslav "Time to Nowhere" Parshin and Sergey "TSA" Timchenko moved to the bench. At the time of this writing, B8 includes Danylo "Dendi" Ishutin.