Quincy Crew Manager: "After TI10, the players decided to go their own way"

Quincy Crew manager Jack KBBQ Chen, in a comment to our colleagues, shared information regarding the future of the Dota 2 QC roster. Former Quincy Crew offlane Lelis said on his broadcast that there was a complete disband of the roster.

KBBQ says that after The International 10, Quincy Crew players decided to go their own way and see what happens. Once everything is determined and done, it is possible that some of the previous Quincy Crew players will play together.

Lelis was the first to announce his departure from the Quincy Crew, and just yesterday MSS announced the search for a team. At TI10 - Quincy Crew finished 9-12 and earned $ 800,400.

Former Quincy Crew