STORM on potential staffing changes in OG: "ATF will become a new offlaner, and SumaiL will return to mid"

The big reshuffle after The International 10 is gaining momentum. Maincast commentator and analyst Alexei "STORM" Tumanov shared his opinion on the future of OG's roster.


The talent's guesses look very reasonable. Earlier it became known that Creepwave disbanded the currentDota 2 roster, as some players of the roster received invitations from TIR-1 teams.

As a reminder, after OG's departure to The International 10, Ceb announced his retirement. The French player thanked everyone who cares about the tag and called the anniversary TI his last tournament.

In addition, rumors circulate on the network that “n0tail” will end his career, and judging by the fact that “SumaiL” began to play a lot on the mid lane, “Topson” was also thinking about the vacation, who more than once said that 10 TI could be his last. So far, no official statements have been received from OG.


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