Evil Geniuses may change roster for the new season

Teams from North America are already thinking about line-up changes - we are talking about the Quincy Crew and Evil Geniuses. ppd suggested who might join the new EG lineup.

According to ppd, in the new season for Evil Geniuses, we will not see Abed and iceiceice, but they will be replaced: Quinn and Lelis from Quincy Crew. Recall that QC and EG took 9-12 places at the last The International 10 and earned $ 800,400 per team. No official announcements have yet been made regarding the departure of Abed and iceiceice from Evil Geniuses.

A new DPC season is set to begin at the end of November, and so the teams still have time to move away from TI10 and form a new battle roster.

Possible new lineup for Evil Geniuses